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Cap-Pelé Wind starts operation

Summer 2018

The first IFE wind farm project in Canada is now producing clean electricity. Cap-Pelé Wind is a renewable energy generating facility with one wind turbine located 2 kilometres southeast of Botsford Portage in New Brunswick. The wind turbine is on private land, beside the W. E. Acres Crab Meal facility about 800 metres from Highway 15.

The wind turbine is a single Enercon E-92, generating up to 2.35 megawatts of clean green electricity. The energy will feed into the local electricity grid, providing enough renewable power for as many as 700 local homes. All power generated by the facility will be sold to New Brunswick Power.

The turbine is built on a 98-metre tower, with a blade diameter of 92 metres, for a total height of 144 metres.